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Metasearch has been growing very quickly in recent years. According to PhoCusWright's U.S. Online Travel Traffic Report , metasearch visits in 1H12 increased year-over-year 13%. Metasearch sites boosted their share of upstream traffic to OTAs: 6% of upstream visits to the OTA category came from metasearch sites in 1H12, up from 5% in 1H11. Yet metasearch contributed just a paltry 1% of the visits to hotel suppliers in 1H12, flat year-over-year.

According to PhoCusWright's U.S. Consumer Travel Report Fourth Edition, despite the healthy bump that online channels experienced in usage for travel shopping ¨C roughly 2-5% across the board, one key online channel failed to expand its consumer reach over the past year: supplier websites. The percentage of travelers who shop for travel products through provider websites was stagnant, dipping slightly by 1%.

The primary reason that hotel provider websites are not getting their fair share of growth from metasearch sites is because hotel websites have been slow to roll out connections to metasearch sites. Because metasearch sites typically do not maintain a cache of hotel rates and availability, but instead send each search request through to the hotel company¡¯s CRS, each new connection to a metasearch site results in millions of additional search requests daily that strain the already overburdened hotel CRS. Hotel chains are struggling to keep up with the demand of ever increasing shopping volume, leaving no time to improve the quality of data and the performance. Challenges of foreign languages and local knowledge make it even more difficult for hotel web sites to expand to global metasearch sites such as Qunar in China and Trivago in Europe.

DerbySoft¡¯s MetaSearch Manager is a new solution to enable and manage metasearch connections and optimize the marketing opportunities they hold. DerbySoft¡¯s solution not only quickly connects CRS data and content with metasearch engines, but also allows the supplier to manage, analyze and optimize the marketing campaign including automatic bidding. Dedicated support service helps to achieve a better ROI.


Instead of time and resource consuming point-to-point connections for each new meta-search engine, DerbySoft¡¯s industry leading connectivity solution syncs and caches hotel content, rate and availability data with a single connection to a CRS through XML interfaces, and then makes this data available to all the meta-search engines connected to DerbySoft¡¯s metasearch platform.

Shopping Cache

With the growth of metasearch engines, hotel CRSs are struggling to keep up with ever increasing shopping query volumes. DerbySoft¡¯s Smart Cache solution buffers the CRS from this load by respond to a large volume of shopping queries in milliseconds while reducing traffic to the hotel company¡¯s CRS by as much as 80%.

Reporting and Analysis

Simultaneously running large-scale online campaigns across multiple metasearch engines is time consuming and error prone. DerbySoft¡¯s MetaSearch Manager makes it easy to effectively manage multiple campaigns at scale. With full control and visibility, the hotel company can easily turn on or off any hotel or even a specific room type/rate plan on one or all metasearch channels. The hotel company can also set the budget for a hotel or channel and let the system automatically control ad spending. MetaSearch Manager¡¯s powerful dashboard and analytical reporting provide actionable business intelligence to better optimize campaigns.

Google Hotel Price Ad (HPA) Bidding

MetaSearch Manager¡¯s bidding engine can help automatically set bids for Google Price Ads based on the hotel company¡¯s specific business objectives. Using advanced mathematic modeling, the bidding engine can generate more traffic and bookings and result in a higher ROI.

Real Time Content Solution

In today¡¯s world, travelers come from every corner of the world and they want to access more and better information about hotels, in text or rich content, on their various devices. DerbySoft¡¯s content solution delivers real time hotel content in local languages for metasearch engines across the globe.

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